Replica watches maintenance skills

The service life of the replica watch is related to whether the wearer uses and maintains the watch correctly. For example, wearing the watch to take a bath, the appearance of the replica watch is dirty, the length of the watch strap is not suitable, and the use environment is bad, which can easily cause damage to the replica watch and shorten the service life.

Medium and high-end replica watches should be maintained every two to three years. Waterproof components should be replaced, time performance and movement power consumption tested, movement cleaning, and appearance maintenance should be done. Such maintenance service will effectively extend the use time of your replica watch.

If the non-waterproof chain replica watch is dirty, you can lightly brush the stain with a soft toothbrush; while for the waterproof chain watch, you can use a neutral detergent mixed with water to scrub, and then wipe with a soft flannel; double-layer canvas or rubber belts can also be processed in the same way. But if the dirt has penetrated into the inner layer of the material, it can no longer be treated with chemical cleaners to avoid deterioration.

Locomotive exhaust gas is easy to cause discoloration, peeling of gold plating, etc. Air dust, sweat, rain, body dirt, etc. will also stain the watch, especially the gold-plated part of the replica watch. If it is a leather replica watch, it will cause the belt to mold, produce peculiar smell or even break. Therefore, it is best to wipe it lightly with a soft cloth every time after wearing the watch (especially in the hot summer).

When you don't usually wear it, try not to let the watch get damp to avoid deformation of the leather; placing it near magnetic objects will also affect the accuracy of the replica Rolex watches. In addition, even if it is a waterproof watch, avoid immersing the watch in water, and as long as the watch has been soaked (unless it is a diving watch), it is best to check it in order to avoid serious damage to the internal movement parts due to time delays. In fact, the waterproof degree of the waterproof watch will change as the waterproof ring hardens, so it is necessary to replace the waterproof ring in time.